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1. Ntombi Leopardess2.Ntombi Leopardess at sunset3. Ntombi Leopardess resting in a treeNtombi LeopardessMating leopardsThe Infamous Mbali LeopardessThe infamous Mbali Leopardess and her cub KuhanyaRockfig Leopardess senior resting in mopane leaves4. Ntombi Leopardess5. Ntombi Leopardess6. Ntombi Leopardess watching from the roadXnope-Xnope male at 22 months of age.3. Rockfig Leopardess in winter2.Rockfig Leopardess in twany grassRockfig Leopardess and Thumela her cub 20091. Rockfig Leopardess and her cub ThumbelaRockfig Jnr Leopardess behind a moundRockfig Leopardess on the huntProfile of Rockfig LeopardessRockfig Leopardess hunting

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