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Kathy Vislosky(non-registered)
Patrick, beautiful photos! So glad to see that you're posting so many of them! I miss my time at King's Camp and your photos take me back....
Thomas Bing(non-registered)
GREAT photos! when will the recent ones be posted from last week?
Dr Otto Nel(non-registered)
Patrick your Leopard photos are beautiful and stunning
Margot Martin(non-registered)
Hi Patrick,
I don't imagine you'd remember me as I was at Kings Camp in 2007 and Morne was my guide. I just was on the December entry your wrote on the KC website and saw that you had a website as well. My kuddos to you for your outstanding photos!!! And I do mean outstanding. Leopards of all the large cats are my favorites and your pictures of them almost brought tears to my eyes with their beauty. All of your photos are always amazing. Keep up the great work and hopefully some one of these days or years I can make another return to KC. How I loved my stay there. One of my Favorites!
Sharon and Jeff Gaber(non-registered)
What wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing the website.
Corinna, Dirk , Annika(non-registered)
Dear Patrick, back home again we would like to thank you (and Albert!) again for sharing your experience, knowledge and passion for wildlife with us. The game drives were outstanding and so are your pics. Thanks also for giving us advice with our photos. Many of them are really good and help keeping our memories alive, although we are far away in cold Germany. Looking forward to a return to Kings Camp sometime
Patrick the absolute dedication to your photo and to your work stands high above the horizon.
Thank you for showing the african wildlife both on the jeep and on the web to keep warm our hearts even when far away.
Dario Elia and Roby
Phil & Lynda James(non-registered)
Hi Patrick, great images, as ever, we have been privileged to accompany you on quire a few game drives and learnt a lot. The pictures help keep the memories alive, thank you
Tom Davidson(non-registered)
Patrick the images are outstanding. You captured not only magnificent animals but incredible moments. The attention to details is amazing. Looking forward to a return visit to Kings Camp again within the next 2 years.
Simon Krueger
Hi Patrick,
the homepage has become truly great. Once again you've made ​​incredible pictures. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Am really looking forward to our visit in September.
All the best
Greetings Simon
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